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25 Jan 2017

Efficacy Garlic For Health


Garlic is the main ingredients in almost every dish. You can also use these ingredients to maintain good health. One that has been studied is beneficial for the prevention of cancer and lowering blood pressure. Know any other benefits:

grow hair

Garlic can overcome the problem of hair loss because it contains a lot of allicin. Allicin is a compound that is also found in onions, which effectively treating hair loss. Rub the pieces of garlic on the scalp, better still if while in massage. You can also add the garlic oil to massage his scalp.

clear acne

Maybe this is not the main ingredient in acne medications that are sold freely, but garlic can be a great natural remedy to clear unwanted acne. Antioxidants kill bacteria, so wipe chunks of garlic on acne for an effective topical treatment and quoted from manfaat bawang putih.

Preventing and treating colds

The food was seasoned with garlic is not only delicious but also contain antioxidants that can boost immunity. If the cold began to attack, try drinking tea garlic. How to make, chopped garlic and soak in hot water a few minutes, then strain and drink. You can add honey or ginger to enhance the taste.

Coping with psoriasis

Known as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, garlic can also be used to relieve psoriasis (a skin disease due to an immune system disorder) that does not make you uncomfortable. Try rubbing a little garlic oil contained in section psoriasis, to soften and relieve itching on the skin.

One important enzyme in garlic associated with organosulfur is alliinase that would be released if we slice or crush garlic.

Some studies suggest that heat will make alliinase become inactive or reduce the benefits of healthy of this enzyme. For example, a 2001 study that showed that heating garlic in the microwave for 60 seconds or in the oven for 45 minutes will reduce the protective effect of garlic against cancer.

Even so we could keep the anticancer effect of garlic is not lost. You do this by letting the garlic is sliced ​​or pounded for 10 minutes before cooking on the stove.

Researchers from the United States revealed that there are some foods that can reduce bad breath caused by garlic. Apples, lemon juice, and mint are some of them.

In a study published in the Journal of Food Science, researchers found that green tea, parsley, and spinach are also able to help.

One of the compounds in garlic, ATIL methyl sulfide can not decompose during the digestive process. This is what makes the issuing body through the breath and sweat.

22 Jan 2017

5 Benefits of Basil

Benefits of Basil. many types of leaves that are around us that are beneficial to health, one of which is the basil leaves, the leaves are commonly called leaf surawung by society Sunda has many benefits in our lives, like for fresh vegetables, flavorings in cooking, as well as serve a wide variety of other processed. Basil leaves have a distinctive aroma and fragrance so it is not without reason often used as a neutralizer tang fish, basil grow in the tropics and in the region of America, and including annual plants and trunked upright, these plants have a tree that is small, roughly the size cayenne pepper or tomato plants.


Mouth and eyes

in the basil leaves there are various kinds of vitamins, one of which is vitamin A is good for eye health, by consuming basil will treat the infection that attacks the eyes. In addition to the eyes, scent out of the basil leaves will also make our mouths to be fresh, so bad breath will be reduced if you eat the leaves of basil this is 5 manfaat daun kemangi.


Heat illness or who are familiar with the fever usually we see when our body temperature is increased unreasonably, fever is a disease that can not be considered because the demem spele then our activities will be disrupted. The content contained in basil can be useful to reduce fever, because it contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

anti Implementation

If you have problems with joints that inflammation then you can use the basil leaves to overcome her, besides basil are also useful as anti implementation that can cure swelling.

fertilize Men

Arginine substances contained in the basil leaves could actually increase fertility for men and will prevent infertility, because these substances can prolong the life span of sperm in the body of bitter melon.

Blood circulation

One of the requirements for our bodies to be healthy is to have a circulation of blood smoothly, so the supply of nutrients and vitamins that are produced from the food will be distributed perfectly, apparently content sineol, magnesium, a mineral that is in the basil leaves can make your blood into smoothly as it can stabilize heart rate and widen the artery.

21 Sep 2016

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit To Lose Weight


We may not know this fruit turns out to have quite a lot of benefits that create health and eating the fruit in a way the routine we get health and immune to us. The fruit is suitable for all ages from children to older people.

When we look at it and do not know the benefits of Dragon fruit red for baby so we can sometimes underestimate the fruit dikarekan not know what properties of the fruit itself. You guys definitely curious what are the benefits of these fruits and here I will tell to you all.

You guys certainly confused what benefit the fruit and Dragon fruit was usually ornate depn home because its rare and unique from other fruit. Benefits of Dragon fruit red for this diet is also very good to provide digestion and regulate sugar levels Manfaat buah naga.

Weight loss and Diet.

For those of you who tried with various things tlah in lose weight it will be good start saving the Dragon fruit in the refrigerator. This fruit is one way to lose weight is filling stomachs with foods rich in fiber low calorie yng could not make your stomach melar. One of them is to eat Dragon fruit, fruit that one has a fairly high content of fiber with water contains a lot that makes thy digestion become more fluent.

Overcoming Diabetes

Although this red dragon fruit contains sugar but because the levels of fiber in this fruit is high enough so that it remains beneficial create prevent and overcome diabetes. The content of this slama fibers known as pelancar digestion, but there are other important functions to regulate and control blood sugar levels. manfaat buah naga untuk kesehatan Vitamin B3 that much can also help prevent or overcome the diabetes, the main types 1 and 2, is a type of diabetes that occurs frequently.

Improve The Immunity Of The Body.

Benefits of Dragon fruit is very important to increase the body's immunity to human beings. A great antioxidant content in the fruit of this one will certainly enhance our immune system.

Prevent Cancer.

Dragon fruit is rich with antioxidants phytoalbumin to help the formation of free radicals are carcinogenic in the body. Dragon fruit is also very rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin C, and B2, as well as helping to remove the toxic metal in the body that some of them can cause cancer.

Red Dragon Fruit benefits for health and beauty. It might help to nourish the body of you all and many more benefits of Dragon fruit make pregnant women. That's what I share to you guys and hopefully useful for health and could be one solution to cure the disease.

15 Feb 2016

Contents and Benefits of Jengkol for Body

djenkolic.jpgWho Indonesian people who do not know jengkol? Yes, definitely we memorized generally true to form and taste these vegetables. jengkol is one type of cuisine that is beloved but once hated. Jengkol beloved because it is very bad taste in the tongue of his fans. However I'm sure not everyone knows the benefits jengkol very good for health. Although jengkol probably one of the favorite food of Indonesian society in general. But very few people know the benefits jengkol to maintain health. Therefore on this occasion I will try to discuss the benefits jengkol very good for our health. as quoted from manfaat jengkol

But although jengkol very good for our health, jengkol also has contraindications. Jengkol forbidden to be consumed by people with kidney disorders, because it will aggravate the condition of your kidneys. Then consume jengkol no limitations. Highly recommended we consume jengkol 3 to 10 grams per day. Even then, if you want to consume jengkol every day.

Turns jengkol not only give adverse effects due to the smell. Jengkol very many benefits for health because it contains many nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, alkaloids, essential oils, steroids and saponins. Amazingly this jengkol can beat tempeh because of higher protein content.

Behind the smell, it turns jengkol for health benefits can be obtained if consumed in moderation. Jengkol because it consumes large quantities would disrupt health, especially the health of the kidneys. If you want to enjoy the delights jengkol, can be directly or process into delicious dishes. Although many people underestimate, it turns behind the pungent smell saved countless benefits to health.

As a Network Formation In The Body
Jengkol protein is very high so that the content is very good for the formation of tissues in our body. jengkol is able to help the formation of body tissue and is better than the protein in soybeans and green beans.

prevents anemia
Anemia is a condition when a person's red blood cell deficiency. This condition is characterized by pale, fatigue, dizziness and sometimes there are people who get emotionally disturbed. Jengkol contains iron useful trigger the production of red blood cells. In the 100 grams jengkol contained 4.7 grams of iron. Because of this wealth, jengkol believed to recover and prevent anemia or manfaat jengkol untuk mengatasi anemia.

Help improve the condition of hemorrhoids and diarrhea
One other benefits of jengkol come from tannin content in it, according to a study that was published in the journal Science Food and Agriculture, 2011. Tannins are compounds that are good for relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids and diarrhea. Diarrhea alone if left untreated can lead to dehydration and fatigue in our body. With such conditions, would be severely disrupted daily activities.

Containing an assortment of vitamins
In the 100 grams jengkol contained 658 mg of vitamin A, which serves to maintain eye health and 80 mg of vitamin C as an antioxidant free-radical scavengers. jengkol also contain Vitamin B2 and B1 to maintain metabolism and appetite stimulant.

25 Jul 2015

Some of the benefits of the noni fruit for health


Noni fruit in an awful lot of content we can take advantage of its nutrition value for a variety of uses. below some nutrient content contained in noni fruit.


Noni fruit contains substances that your body needs such as proteins, vitamins and essential minerals such as selenium that is an excellent antioxidant wrote

Important compounds like xeronine, plant sterois, alizarin, lycine, sosium, caprylic acid, arginine, proxeronine, antra quinines, trace elemens, phenylalanine, magnesium, etc.

Important compounds such as:

-These Terpenoids.

play a role in the process of recovery and organic sintesi the cells of the body.


Anti inflammatory and anti allergic wrote a very effective

Anti-bacterial substance

Noni juice contains anti-bacterial substances, these substances play a role within the slasher sub-genre were shut off a number of bacterial infections such as spreaders; Pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, protens morganii, escherichia coli and bacillus subtilis.

In addition, anti-bacterial substances noni fruit can also control the bacterial pathogen such as s. scotmuelleri, Shigella dusenteriae, S. Typhi, s. flexnerii, montivideo Salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and s. pradysenteriae.

Anti cancer substance

This substance plays a role effective canonize against abnormal cells

Acetyl substances

Role in deadly germs

Moridon substances

Instrumental in waging a defecation

Soranjidiol substances

Instrumental in waging a pee

Substance terpenes

May meramajakan cells pd body

Hipokelemestik substances

Play a role in lowering cholesterol in the blood

The Benefits Of Noni Fruit

Some of the benefits of the noni fruit for health include:

Noni fruit is useful to prevent the spread of various kinds of dangerous cancer cells in the body.

Noni fruit contains natural antioxidants that plays an important role improving body immunity or commonly known with the durability of the body.

Noni fruit can increase the strength of the energy and heart health.

Noni fruit can launch the digestive tract in the body.

Noni fruit can be made into herbal remedies to address diabetes.

Noni fruit is useful for pain relief herbal remedy.

Noni fruit can stabilize blood pressure.

Useful for controlling a wide variety of cells damaged body tissues to be back to normal.

Noni fruit can be useful to ward off free radicals.

Noni fruit works to prevent tumors and can be herbal medicine to cure the disease of fever, cough, stomach aches and mules.


26 May 2015

9 benefits of Routinely Consume Fruit Banana

9 benefits of Routinely Consume Fruit Banana Consuming bananas into Indonesia, in addition to community options easily found all over the place and the price is terjnagkau turned out to be the fruit of the banana has a variety of benefits for the health of the human body. This fruit is very suitable as a dessert after a meal. Then from that, a lot of us that serves this fruit in his daily menu.

The following 9 regular benefits consume bananas:

1. For those of you that are having problems with weight, then the benefits routinely consume bananas as your i.e. diat menu can help you lose weight. Due to the calories in banana fruit is extremely small.9_benefits_of_Routinely_Consume_Fruit_Banana.jpg

2. Regularly consume bananas also had a significant impact both in maintaining the balance of the amount of fluid in the body. Potassium content in bananas is urgently needed in order to support the balance of fluids in the body to support the performance of all organs of the body.

3. Your body vulnerable to disease? With routine consumes bananas can help boost your immune system due to a high content of manganese in the banana fruit.

Benefits Of Banana Fruit For Kidney Health

4. The benefits of consuming fruit banana can improve the energy your body needs to perform daily activities. It is caused due to the womb healthy carbs in bananas. These carbohydrates which can add energy to the body.

The Benefits Of Eating A Banana Before Exercise

5. banana fruit regular consumption can reduce the swelling, protect from the risk of type II diabetes, helping to lose weight, strengthens the nervous system, and helps the production of white blood cells. All due to the high levels of vitamin B-6.

6. Risk of Impaired vision since the age of twilight or commonly called macular degeneration can be overcome or prevented by consuming at least three bananas each day.

Benefits Of Banana Fruits For Pregnant Women

7. Banana turns to have influence in improving mood. The content of neurotransmitters found in the fruit can help you feel calm and also stabilize the mood (mood) naturally.

8. banana fruit other Benefits which can neutralize the lost calcium during urination and build strong bones.

Banana Fruit Benefits For Heart Health

9. banana Fruit contain substances an antidote to the acid in the body so that it can relieve ulcer.

How? Far wiser not after reading articles about the 9 benefits of routine ingestion of bananas. May be useful. 

Reference Manfaat buah pisang




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