djenkolic.jpgWho Indonesian people who do not know jengkol? Yes, definitely we memorized generally true to form and taste these vegetables. jengkol is one type of cuisine that is beloved but once hated. Jengkol beloved because it is very bad taste in the tongue of his fans. However I'm sure not everyone knows the benefits jengkol very good for health. Although jengkol probably one of the favorite food of Indonesian society in general. But very few people know the benefits jengkol to maintain health. Therefore on this occasion I will try to discuss the benefits jengkol very good for our health. as quoted from manfaat jengkol

But although jengkol very good for our health, jengkol also has contraindications. Jengkol forbidden to be consumed by people with kidney disorders, because it will aggravate the condition of your kidneys. Then consume jengkol no limitations. Highly recommended we consume jengkol 3 to 10 grams per day. Even then, if you want to consume jengkol every day.

Turns jengkol not only give adverse effects due to the smell. Jengkol very many benefits for health because it contains many nutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, alkaloids, essential oils, steroids and saponins. Amazingly this jengkol can beat tempeh because of higher protein content.

Behind the smell, it turns jengkol for health benefits can be obtained if consumed in moderation. Jengkol because it consumes large quantities would disrupt health, especially the health of the kidneys. If you want to enjoy the delights jengkol, can be directly or process into delicious dishes. Although many people underestimate, it turns behind the pungent smell saved countless benefits to health.

As a Network Formation In The Body
Jengkol protein is very high so that the content is very good for the formation of tissues in our body. jengkol is able to help the formation of body tissue and is better than the protein in soybeans and green beans.

prevents anemia
Anemia is a condition when a person's red blood cell deficiency. This condition is characterized by pale, fatigue, dizziness and sometimes there are people who get emotionally disturbed. Jengkol contains iron useful trigger the production of red blood cells. In the 100 grams jengkol contained 4.7 grams of iron. Because of this wealth, jengkol believed to recover and prevent anemia or manfaat jengkol untuk mengatasi anemia.

Help improve the condition of hemorrhoids and diarrhea
One other benefits of jengkol come from tannin content in it, according to a study that was published in the journal Science Food and Agriculture, 2011. Tannins are compounds that are good for relieving symptoms of hemorrhoids and diarrhea. Diarrhea alone if left untreated can lead to dehydration and fatigue in our body. With such conditions, would be severely disrupted daily activities.

Containing an assortment of vitamins
In the 100 grams jengkol contained 658 mg of vitamin A, which serves to maintain eye health and 80 mg of vitamin C as an antioxidant free-radical scavengers. jengkol also contain Vitamin B2 and B1 to maintain metabolism and appetite stimulant.