How to remove head lice hair. Hair lice is a small animal whose life dirambut mammals, especially humans. Hair lice is quite disturbing appearance and also our comfort. Because of this, fleas will grow and breed in our hair. So if our hair is overgrown by ticks, hair will really gatel and cepet once dirty and smelly. Egg lice last is also quite disturbing appearance of our hair, because the egg white-colored lice will stick to our dirambut and dont want ngilang if not taken one by one. You can read cara menghilangkan kutu rambut


How to remove head lice hair quickly

Where the heck the actual arrival of the ticks that hair? Hair lice will come because of some reasons, among them:


Contracted by people who are lousy

If you are close to the people who are lousy aka got lice, lice from hair friends certainly you will move into the hair dude.


Less hair hygiene

Well it turns out that dont keep clean hair well can also cause infestation of hair lodged in the PAL. In addition, the hair will also be drenched if not in shampooing with regular. At least 2 days once you get to shampooing. This qtips quoted from 7 cara menghilangkan telur kutu rambut


How to remove head lice hair without damaging Hair

How to remove head lice hair naturally is a selection of the most frequently searched, given some of the effects caused if rooting out drug hair lice chemicals. If using a chemical remedy, lice will quickly die but on the other hand hair will also be damaged because of the side effects of the drugs used.


Several ways of removing hair lice naturally, among others, by using some of the material that is:


Eliminate head lice hair with red onion

Take approximately 5 cloves shallots. Puree onion that already PAL prepare earlier. Once smooth, use garlic topically applied to the last kerambut. The waiting time between 1 to 1.5 hours. The last wash using water and shampoo to clean.


Eliminate head lice hair with comb

Using a fine-tooth comb meeting will help overcome the fleas that are on the hair. Sisirkan serit slowly into the hair. Use a white base to know of any fleas that fall. Although the menyisirnya are slowly, holding the ticks will be stuck between the mandible comb.