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12 Jan 2016

Tea Dregs Effectively Eliminate Acne


Tea is a nutritious beverage which is evident from ancient times to the present, various benefits have been proved empirically and research. Various types of tea, ranging from green tea, black tea, brew tea, white tea that is new to today's popular after his usefulness successfully hidden for hundreds of years. Here is a complete yet simple data of tea quoted from Tomat Ampuh Menghilangkan Jerawat

The benefits of tea:

Here are the benefits that are based on various studies.

1. It can prevent and lower high blood pressure

2. Prevent high blood sugar levels

3. Lowering cholesterol levels

4. Reduce the risk of various heart diseases

5. Reduce the risk of stroke

6. Helps the body against viruses (such as influenza viruses)

7. Can inhibit nerve function decline

8. Improving cognitive function

9. Beneficial for gum health

10. Prevent shortness of breath

11. Reduce stress

12. Eliminate fatigue and exhaustion

13. Being able to prevent the onset of cancer

14. Being able to control tumor growth

15. Help cure cancer

16. Help you lose weight

17. Reduce the risk of arthritis and rheumatism

18. Serves as an anti-inflammatory throat

19. Prevent osteoforosis

20. Prevents allergies

21. Protect lever

22. Preventing hepatitis

23. Help prevent the spread of the HIV virus

24. Reduce the dangers of smoking

25. Slowing aging

26. Both are consumed for diabetics

27. Being able to prevent food poisoning

for those who are looking for the right way to overcome acne and scars, then you can use the dregs of tea, maybe it is classified as very alien when should use the dregs of tea to get rid of acne and scars, but according to a study on tea waste, turns it contains a variety of substances that are very useful to overcome the problem of acne and scars, such as minerals, vitamins, antibacterial, antiseptic and much more.

How to remove acne scars with the dregs of tea

1. First take tea dregs were already bad to drink, the tea dregs puree using a blender or it could be by way of ground.

2. After the tea dregs really fine, before you apply the better wash your face beforehand using special soap face, it serves to dirt pores that inhibit the absorption process can be lost.

3. If the face or the face is clean, then start applying helusan the tea dregs, but when smooths do as he rubbed, because it will cause acne spots to be broken and cause new sores.

4. After subtlety tea dregs flat on the skin, leave on for 30 minutes or until the tea dregs feels dry and fall.

5. Lastly use warm water to rinse and clean the tea dregs of the face, is completed.

20 Oct 2015

Natural tips for removing blackheads on the nose


Blackhead is one of the problems that face hefty hygiene bothers, but seems somewhat less note than the problem of acne on the face and also the signs of aging on the face. Causes of blackheads itself occurs due to a buildup of dirt or dust and bacteria and resulting in the pores of the skin of the face being covered. Actually the blackhead does not pose a significant health hazard against the face, but if not carefully observed, the blackheads will experience a buildup and blackened.

Blackheads most often appears on the nose. You will feel a little rough skin and feels like there is a grain-grain sand clinging to. That is what is called a blackhead. Blackhead is actually quite easy to be removed and treated. But sometimes the blackhead is less a concern, so as to accumulate. You can use SOAP to menghilangkan komedo to clean.


Papaya fruit is already very well known will be pleased to beauty care as well as the skin of the face. One of the hallmarks of papaya is to address blackheads. The trick is pretty easy, IE make a mask papaya. Soften fruit similar to papaya pieces porridge to taste and then apply it on the face of it appears there is around the blackhead. Let some time then rinse with clean water. You can do this at the time of getting up early and by night.


Aloe Vera gel is very nutritious to overcome your blackheads. The way is to prepare 1 stalk of Aloe Vera, then sliced into two parts. Take mucus or gelnya and apply on your face or nose area of the berkomedo. do regularly 1-2 times a day until the blackhead you don't appear again. If the resulting gel is felt less, you can also memblender Aloe Vera juice/chunks. tips menghilangkan komedo secara alami


Well, usually if you were to boil the water, then take advantage of the water vapor heat to get rid of your blackheads. In addition another effective way is to add a bit of salt in the stew, then wait for it to boil, then the uapi face or berkomedo area for 5-10 minutes. For more optimally, your headgear with a towel, and then sit back and navigate your face in front of hot water placed in a basin. This method is also great to improve blood circulation and relieve cough and flu.


How to remove blackheads naturally next by using lemon juice or lime juice. Lemon is very effective to remove the excess oil on the face. The way is to prepare lemon juice, mix it with almond oil and Glycerin. Combine the ingredients and the third puree using a blender. After that apply on the berkomedo area evenly, wait 10 minutes and then rinse clean water. It is also potent way to remove smudges of black spots on your face. You can also make the scrub, with a mix of lemon water, salt water, honey and yogurt. Combine the ingredients and then rub it gently on the affected area of the blackheads.


Specific to this part of the white eggs just for troubleshooting your blackheads. Balurkan by the way is the egg white (you could also add a scoop of honey) on the face or nose blackhead stricken you evenly, then let stand until it feels to dry out, about 25-30 minutes. The next flush your face using warm water.




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